KOBELCO is a corporate brand of KOBE STEEL GROUPwho is a major steel  producer in Japan founded in 1905.

KOBE  STEEL adopts diversified farming system and has 8 major businessunits , Iron andSteel, Aluminum  and Copper , Welding , Machinery, Engineering ,Constructing Machinery , Mobile Crane , and  other business unit like RealEstate. Each business unit is leading Japanese Industrywith its “OnlyOne / Number One” technology.

Now the consolidate turnover is $ 15.72 billion , Number of subsidiaries aremore than 210,and total numbers of employee  reaches 36,420 in 03.2015.


KOBELCO starts manufacturing high pressure reciprocating compressor in 1915, first in Japan. And from that day, we have leaded compressor industry. In1956, we launch first oil free screw compressor as technical collaboration withsvenska Rotor Maskiner AB (SRM). We, KOBELCO , are the manufacturer who canmake both oil – free and oil – Injected screw from law material to finishproduct.There is no compromise in quality as well as performance.

Till today , we lead compressor industry with its energy efficient andreliable product to help increasing client productivity.


KOBELCO has set up sale/service network around the world to meet customerrequirement more perfectly. Our  sale and service staff carefully listento customer’s opinions and provide various services from daily techniquessupport to technology  proposals. We ceaselessly strive to providecustomers with the most suitable and the highest quality compressors.


KOBELCO has started compressors operations in India under company formed askobelco compressors India pvt.ltd. Headquartered established Industry players,India. Company has appointed qualified sales and after sales team and ispartnering with established Industry players as channel partners for sales supportacross India.

Kobelco compressors India shall be marketing their oil injected (20-340 hp )and oil free (20-530 hp ) range of compressors suitable for Indian Market.

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